This is one of the old reliable scams that seems to be making a reappearance recently.  It starts when you receive either a telephone call, a text message or an email indicting that you have not reported for jury duty and that there is a serious penalty.  In some forms of the scam, you are able to pay a fine rather than go to jail.  In other variations of the scam, you are told that if the notice is mistaken, you should contact the jury commissioner at a phone number to provide information to confirm that the notice was sent to you in error.  The information you are asked to provide includes your Social Security number and as soon as you provide it, you are on the road to identity theft.


Initial contacts from the courts regarding jury duty are always in writing through the mail although some systems will permit you to receive future notices through email.  Under no circumstances will you receive telephone calls or text messages indicating that you have failed to report for jury duty.  No court will ask for your Social Security number as a part of the information you provide them in regard to jury duty and NEVER give your Social Security number or any other personal information to anyone whom you have not called at a telephone number that you are absolutely positive is correct.  If you do receive such a notice and you think that there is even the possibility that you might have forgotten to report for jury duty, merely call the local clerk of courts where you can find accurate information.