Playing online video games is a popular pastime, but it also can lead to identity theft if you do not protect yourself.  Many multiplayer online games are connected to cerdit card accounts that can make the players vulnerable as we have seen with the major data breach at Sony with its online Play station gaming when 77 million people had their data including credit card numbers compromised.  But there are things you can do to lessen your chance of becoming a victim of identity theft.


Use a complicated password and don’t use the same password for anything else.  You should always use a unique password for every account that requires one so that if your security is breached you have not provided the keys to all of your accounts to the identity thief.  Never download add-ons or modifications to your game from unofficial sources.  If you do so, you risk downloading dangerous keystroke logging malware that can steal all of the information from your computer.  Finally, make sure that your computer security software is up to date.