Another type of scam that will be prevalent during the Olympics will be found on your Facebook page and other social media that you use.  You may find a message with a link to a rare video of something spectacular or intriguing that just went on at the Olympics.  Best of all, the video is being sent to you by a trusted friend.   Unfortunately, what may have happened is that it is not your trusted friend at all who has sent you the link to the video that captures your interest.  Instead, your friends Facebook account most likely has been hacked (it is an easy thing to do) by a scammer who lures you into clicking on the link and downloading a keystroke logging malware program that will steal all of your information including credit card numbers, your Social Security number and your bank account passwords from your computer.


As I always say, trust me you can’t trust anyone.  Before you download or click on what purports to be extremely rare video footage of something that captures your interest, first make sure that the person who sent it to you really did send it to you.  And then you still shouldn’t download it because it may merely mean that your friend is unwittingly passing on malware without knowing it.  If the video is legitimate, you wil be able to find it on a legitimate news media website.