With the Olympics only a few days away, many of us are excited about watching this great event, but our excitement should also be tempered by awareness of the many scams that will emanate from the Olympics and the media coverage of it.  Over the next few days, I will discuss some of the scams of which you should be aware.  Many phony websites will be set up to provide Olympic coverage and may even appear high on the list of your search engine searches.  These phony websites will carry some legitimate information and videos, but while you are watching a pop up window will appear to inform you that your computer has been infected, but that you can click on the pop up to clear your computer of the virus.  Don’t do it.  By clicking on the pop up, you will be, in fact, downloading keystroke logging malware that can read and steal all of the information on your computer, such as your passwords, Social Security number and credit card numbers leading to identity theft.


When looking for information and coverage of the Olympics stay with websites that you know are legitimate and if you do go to a site where the pop up scenario telling you that your computer has been infected occurs, don’t click on the pop up because you have no idea what will happen when you do.  If your computer security software has been constantly updating you should be fine.  Even if you have not been updating your security software, leave the website immediately without clicking on the pop up and do a scan with your own computer security software.