We have all received those annoying robocalls with the voice of an actual person, such as “Rachel” from cardholder services, but without a real person on the line. Robocalls are computer generated mass phone calls that contain a variety of enticing offers, such as a lower mortgage rate, lower credit card interest or a better automobile warranty.  One thing that all robocalls share, however is that they are blatantly illegal, robocalls having been banned years ago.


The very fact that you are receiving a robocall indicates that the caller is acting illegally so why should you expect their offer to be anything close to legitimate.  Hang up immediately.  Certainly don’t give them any information that could lead to your being scammed and don’t even bother to press the number on your phone that it may say to use to be removed from their lists.  Doing so actually just tells the robocaller that they have a good telephone line.  You could try to block the number, but not only might there be a charge with your telephone service provider for this service, but it would be of little use in any event because the robocallers change their numbers regularly.