Serendipity is when a favorable result occurs as a result as a lucky accident.  Certainly having someone cash checks from your bank account with your forged signature is not a favorable result, however, being present at the bank to complain about the money being fraudulently deducted from your account at the same time that the scammer is there trying to cash one of the checks certainly would qualify as serendipity.    This is exactly what occurred this week in Oregon when Matthew Frombach tried to cash a fourth forged signature check.  A friend of the victim chased Frombach, subduing him until police arrived.


This is a story with a message for us all.  Police believe that the checks themselves were not forgeries, but rather that the victim’s checks were stolen when he reordered them from his bank and had them delivered in the mail.  It is not unusual for an identity thief to steal the last few pages of a new check book with the expectation that the real account owner won’t notice until it is too late.  This is always a risk when you reorder checks unless you arrange to pick up the new checks at your bank.  It may seem like an inconvenience and it is, but a slight inconvenience is much better than becoming a victim of identity theft or fraud.