One of the latest computer scams now going on involves the victim receiving a telephone call from a scammer posing as a representative of a well known computer company who informs the victim that the victim’s computer is infected with a dangerous virus and that the company needs to access the computer remotely in order to clear the computer of the virus.  The scammer then asks for the victim’s password and other information in order to get access.  Unfortunately, rather than clear the computer of a virus, what the scammer will do is actually install viruses and malware such as keystroke logging programs that can lead to your becoming a victim of identity theft.


Never trust anyone on the phone to be who they say they are.  In addition, you will not be called by companies to inform you that your computer has been infected.  Don’t give personal information including passwords to anyone unless you are absolutely sure who they are.  If you get a communication that indicates it is from your computer company, you should verify it with a phone call or email to the computer company at an address or phone number that you know is accurate.