It didn’t take long following the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Constitutionality of Obama Care (The Affordable Health Care Act) for scammers to take advantage of the ruling to start scamming people using the Supreme Court’s ruling as the hook.  The scams are taking the form of telephone calls and emails from scammers posing as health insurance companies who tell their victims that they only have a short time to enroll in new health care policies.  These may be attractive, particularly to people who are either uninsured or under-insured.  Unfortunately, these insurance policies are scams that will take your money while not providing you with any significant services if they provide anything at all.  Other times, the scammers are just seeking information from you to make you  a victim of identity theft.


Health insurance is a complicated matter.  Never make a quick decision about health insurance.  Legitimate companies are also not likely to contact you by phone or by email.  Never consider a health insurance company until you have checked them out with your own state’s department of insurance to make sure they are legitimate and even if they are legitimate make sure you understand all of the terms of any policy that you are considering.