Facebook is a breeding ground for scams because so many people use Facebook, it attracts scammers.  It also is fertile ground for scams because it is easy for scammers to infiltrate.  The latest scam involves a posting from a “friend” who is not really one of your friends, but just one of your friends whose account has been hijacked.  The posting by your friend tells you how to link your Visa or MasterCard debit cards to your Facebook account and that by doing so you will get a 20% cash back offer.  Unfortunately, you will not be getting any cash back if you follow the directions provided you.  Instead you will download a keystroke logging malware program called Zeus which has been used by organized crime to steal more than 60 million dollars from unsuspecting victims.


Never install a game or an app that you are not absolutely positive is legitimate.  Don’t trust postings from friends because they may have had their Facebook account hacked thereby giving access of the scammer to his or her list of friends.  Always be wary of posts from friends that offer business deals.  When in doubt, call your real friend and speak to them directly.