On occasion, I will provide warnings for particular local scams, both to warn the local citizens of a particular area of a dangerous scam, but also because just about all scams weave their way throughout the country and you can expect a scam that starts in one place to soon go to another.  The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency is warning people about phony websites that are posing as websites where people can apply for subsidized housing under its Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Many people are familiar with the program under its former name of Section 8 Housing.  This week, the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency began taking online applications for the first time in six years to be added to the waiting list for subsidized rental homes and and apartments in Sacramento County.  Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the situation and setting up phony websites that ask for credit card information or offer to sell credit reports.


The only website to apply for the Sacramento Housing Choice Voucher Program is www.sacwaitlist.com.  The deadline is midnight tomorrow so if you are interested, you must act quickly.  The legitimate website will not ask for your credit card infromation and neither payments nor a credit report is required to make a legitimate application.  For people around the country, never provide credit card information or other personal information on any website that you are not sure is absolutely legitimate.  If you think it may be the legitimate website (and scammers make excellent forgerers) call the agency first to confirm the true website.