Airlines provide great convenience with email confirmations and even e tickets for your air travel.  However, recently the Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning people about a phishing email scam in which people are receiving emails that purport to be from US Airways.  The email contains a phony itinerary for a phony flight that the person receiving the email never booked.  The email looks quite official and carries a forgery of the US Airways logo.  The email has a link to click on for further details.  If you click on the link you will download keystroke logging malware that will steal all of the information from your computer.


The phony emails do not have your name on them.  Although most emails from US Airways will contain your name and other personal information, which the phony emails do not, US Airways legitimate check-in emails will have a valid confirmation code and describe specifically your trip.  Do not click on the link in these phony emails.  You can confirm that the link is a phony by hovering your mouse pointer over the link without clicking on the link.  This will allow you to identify the real URL of the link, which will not be the correct