Although the Summer Olympic Games in London will not begin until July 27th, it is not too early to warn you about the myriad of scams that will be  connected to the Olympics.  Of course, there already are scams going on in regard to the sale of tickets to the Olympics.   During the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, one group of scammers stole 3.5 million dollars through the sale of phony tickets.  Another scam involves phony copy of Olympic schedule of events.  This particular scam will download malware on to your computer if you have not updated your Adobe Reader and Acrobat software.


Only buy your tickets through legitimate ticket sellers and make sure you are not clicking on links that send you through phishing to scammers.  Also, make sure that your security software is up to date.  Be prepared for messages from “friends” on your Facebook page to click on links to videos and pictures of Olympic moments.  Don’t click on the links.  These may be placed by scammers posing as your friends or your friends, unwittingly may be passing on malware to you.  Finally, don’t download any apps for your smartphone or other portable devices about the Olympics unless you are sure that the source is legitimate.  These are often sources of malware that can steal information from your smartphone or other devices.