Just a few days after Memorial Day, it is a good time for us to remember our veterans and their service to our country.  Unfortunately, scammers always are thinking of veterans, but when they think of veterans, they think of how they can steal from them and make them victims of scams.  One of the more common recent veterans scams involves a telephone call or an email from someone purporting to be with the Veterans Administration asking for the veteran to update his or her debit card number or financial records.  For all veterans this should be an easy scam to spot because every veteran is assigned a case worker by the Veterans Administration.  If you are contacted by anyone else telling you that they are with the Veterans Administration asking for personal information, ignore the contact.  It is a scam.


Never give personal information to anyone, even your case worker unless you are sure of the identity of who is contacting you.  Even case workers can have their email hacked.  If you believe that you are being contacted legitimately, call or email back to a phone number or email address that you know is correct.