Online dating sites are a good place for many people to start long term relationships.  Unfortunately, they also can be a place where you can start a short or long term relationship with a scammer whose sole purpose is to steal your money or your identity.  Scammers don’t waste time in building a relationship, but ultimately they will start asking you for money or information that they can use to steal your identity.


Remember online dating sites do not vouch for the truthfulness of their members.  Many of these scammers are located in foreign countries.  Often they will tell you that they are Americans, but that they are working abroad, yet their grammar and spelling is often poor and reflective of someone who does not speak English as a primary language.  Be wary of the new friend who wants to list you as a beneficiary of his or her pension or life insurance and then asks you for personal information that can be used to make you a victim of identity theft.  Also be wary of new “friends” who need your help cashing their checks or needing financial help for a variety of reasons.