Web Business Solutions is a legitimate company with a high rating from the Better Business Bureau or at least it was a legitimate company when it was operating.  It has been dormant for the last few years.  Unfortunately, its good name has been hijacked by scammers who contacted people who had placed their resumes on online job sites.  Unfortunately, many of these job seekers wired money to the scammers and have sent personal information that has been used for identity theft purposes.


Never send personal information online unless you are absolutely sure of to whom you are sending it.  Whenever you are asked to wire money, you should be skeptical because that is a prime way that scammers steal your money because it is all but impossible to get back.  Don’t post personal information on your resumes that are posted online.  Do your own due diligence and check out any company for which you would consider working before you give them any information whatsoever.