A scam that is making its way around the country involves victims receiving text messages purportedly from their bank telling them that their debit card had been deactivated and to call a telephone number provided in the text message to straighten the matter out.  Victims who fell for this ploy called the number and were instructed to provide their debit card numbers and PINs.  What makes the scammers initial communication appear to be legitimate is that it often contains the first four digits of your debit card.  However, the first four digits do not relate to you individually, but are associated with the particular financial institution and its location.  This information is easy to get


Financial institutions will never ask for your debit card number or PIN.   They already have this information.  Do not trust any such text messages that you receive.  If you have any concerns, call the bank at a number you know is accurate to find out if there is a problem.