Income tax season has hardly ended, but a whole new wave of income tax related scams have surfaced according to a recent warning from the IRS.    People are being contacted in a variety of ways including emails, phone calls and faxes from people purporting to be IRS employees.  Some of the emails and faxes carry authentic looking logos, but they are forgeries.  Under different pretenses, all of these communications ask for personal information such as your Social Security number, bank account numbers and PINs.  Some contain a threat of an audit if you do not respond.  Also beware of links in the emails that can download keystroke logging malware on your computer that can steal the personal information from your computer.


Look for spelling errors and incorrect grammar.  Many of these scam notices are poorly written.  Others, though, are well written and should still be avoided.  The IRS will never ask for your Social Security number, credit card number, PIN number or other personal financial information.  Do not click on any links contained in such emails.  If you have any concern that the communcation may be legitimate, contact the IRS by phone.