It never fails that whenever a major event occurs that would arouse the charitable interests of honest people such as following a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina or the death of a celebrity, such as the recent death of  Whitney Houston or NFL great Junior Seau, scammers are there to take advantage of these events for their own gain.  You can expect to see many solicitations for foundations purporting to be associated with Junior Seau or other charitable organizations seeking your funds alleging that they are associated with the late Junior Seau


Trust me; you can’t trust anyone.  Before you give to any charity, check it out to see if it is legitimate.  A good website that will provide you with that information is which not only will tell you if the charity is a scam, but will also tell you if it is a “legitimate” charity that pays an excessive amount of what it collects to its officers for administrative fees rather than using the money toward its charitable purpose.