Many scams lure us in because they seem so close to legitimate business opportunities.  It is true that companies pay people to advertise their logos in vinyl decals on individuals’ cars.  The vinyl decal is called an auto wrap and there are companies that legitimately pay for this service.  Unfortunately, there are also a number of scammers out there now representing themselves as working for Coca Cola, Monster Energy drink, Carsberg beer, Heineken beer and Red Bull.  But they do not work for these legitimate companies.  They are scammers.   They send you, the victim, a bank check or money order and instruct you to deduct your  payment and send the balance to a designated graphic designer who will be preparing the logo.  This is a typical scam where you are provided a check for more than what is owed you for whatever the service is and then instructed to send back the difference.  The problem is that the check to you is inevitably counterfeit, but the money you wire from your account is real and money that you have lost.


Never get involved with any deal where you have to send back money where you are told you are being sent an overpayment.  And don’t trust your bank when it tells you that you that the check has cleared.  What you initially received from your bank is only provisional credit after a few days.  It can take weeks for the actual check to be discovered to be counterfeit.