Some scams just are worth warning you about again and again because they keep on being repeated.  As I warned you about on February 26, 2012,; March 26, 2012; and April 5, 2012; scammers are increasing their efforts to scam people into believing that these scam artists represent federal agencies attempting to assist them in getting some of the 25 billion dollar settlement with Bank of America, Ally/GMAC, CitiMortgage, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo that will in the future be providing payments to many people who were harmed in the recent mortgage foreclosure crisis.  The newest variation in the scam is that the scammers ask for your bank account number and your bank’s routing number so that money can be wired to you.


No funds are being distributed at this time so if someone promises you that they can help you get money now, they are a scammer.  Some of these scammers also charge fees for their services.  There will be no fees to receive settlement funds if you qualify for a payment.  For information that you can trust, go to the settlement’s website  And don’t give any personal information such as your bank account number of your Social Security number to anyone over the phone whom you have not called and are absolutely sure are legitimate.