Identity thiefs and scammers have often targeted their malware attacks against PCs because, just as the bank robber robbed banks because “that is where the money is,” so did the hackers attack PCs because there were more users than Macs.  However, that has all changed.  It has just been disclosed that more than 600,000 Mac computers have been infected with Trojan Horse malware that can read all of the information on your computer and harvest that information including passwords, credit card information and any other information contained on the computer.  It is believed that the malware was spread using the same phishing tactics used so effectively against PC users where people are lured to a phony site appearing to be legitimate and the computer user clicks on a link that unwittingly downloads the malware.


If you are a Mac user, you should have your computer checked for the presence of Malware.  Every computer user should have up to date security software that automatically updates and protects from the latest malware and viruses.  Never click on links that you are not absolutely sure are legitimate and be particularly wary of clicking on free music or games which are common places where malware lurks.