Draw Something is a Pictionary type game that has been available online since February and has been downloaded more than thirty-five million times.  Scammers, pretending to be from Draw Something are taking advantage of the game’s popularity by tweeting people and telling them that they have won a prize.    They are then sent to drawsomethingwinner.com to answer a few questions to qualify for the prize.  Unfortunately, it is a scam.  The real Draw Something has nothing to do with either the domain to which the victims are sent nor the tweet.   What you may encounter is either filling in a questionnaire for which the scammer receives a commission or something more sinister, such as giving up information that makes you a victim of identity theft.


Remember, it is always difficult to win a contest you never enterred so you should always be skeptical when you receive a notice that you have, in fact, won such a contest.  If you are at all tempted to respond to such a tweet, check out the truth of the matter by confirming the validity of the contest.