Even though he has only been dead for a short time, former Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi lives on in the world of scams.  An email making the rounds that appears in form to be quite similar to the common Nigerian Letter scam is now being found in an email presently being circulated that is purportedly from his widow asking for assistance in getting his fortune out of a secret Mayalysian account.    People responding to the email  are, in some instances, not only urged to pay seed money for the recovery effort of Qaddafi’s wealth, but in other instances even lured to foreign countries, such as Malaysia, where they may be kidnapped.



As with any such outrageous emails, such as this, first consider, why are you the lucky person to be singled out for this great opportunity.  Scammers appeal to our greed and our desire for the easy dollar.  Don’t fall for their lures and don’t ever communicate with them on any level.  To do so opens you up to further danger.  Emails promising fortunes belong in your delete folder.