Almost every day brings a new Facebook scam and with good reason.  They work.  The latest involves a post from a “friend” that says that it provides a link to a video of a horrific roller coaster accident that in various posts has occurred in either California, the United Kingdom or Australia.  The post is a scam and like so many of the phony links on Facebook is designed to lure you to something that the scammers believe will appeal to our curiosity.  The first thing to remember is that it is easy to hack into someone’s Facebook page and then send out phony postings so merely because you recognize the poster does not mean that the posting is legitimate.  If you do click on one of these phony links you either end up taking a survey for which the scammer is paid a commission or downloading malware that can lead to your identity being stolen.


Scammers often have bad grammer so be wary of postings with bad grammer and spelling.  Never click on any link without verifying that it is legitimate.  Check with friends to make sure that they are indeed the people sending you the particular link.