It may not be rabbit hunting season as Daffy Duck said in an old cartoon nor is it duck hunting season as Bugs Bunny said in the same cartoon, but it certainly is tax scam season and will be right up until (and past) the tax filing deadline.

The latest scam which the IRS has uncovered involves scammers telling people that they are eligible for tax credits based on the American Opportunity Tax Credit when the victims are clearly not eligible for the credit.  The  real American Opportunity Tax Credit program provides tax credits to parents and students to pay for college expenses.  However, scammers are telling people that they are eligible for the tax credits even though they have not gone to school for many years.

Many low income Americans as well as members of particular churches have been specifically targeted by these scams.


Always be wary of people or companies offering your religious or fraternal organization tax services in which they promise refunds or credits.  Always check the credentials of anyone who offers to assist you with your income taxes.  You can check with the IRS or your state Attorney General.  As for this particular scam based on the American Opportunity Tax Credit, a good place to start in evaluating whether the program applies to you is if you are not enrolled or paying for college, you are not eligible.  It is as simple as that.