Shopping on line can be a tremendous convenience.  It also can be an easy opportunity for a scammer to steal your identity or your money.  Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when shopping on line.


Never shop on a website unless its domain name starts with “https.”  The extra “s” is the key letter because it means that the site is secure and the data is encrypted for your safety.

Consider using a temporary credit card number for online purchases.  Purchases will be charged to your regular credit card number, but even if the temporary number falls into the hands of identity thieves, it cannot be used to access your credit card.  You can get a temporary card number from your credit card issuer.

Don’t shop on your computer in public places where you cannot be sure of the security of the Wifi.

Keep your computer security software up to date

Don’t let websites where you shop store your credit card and other information because in the event of a breach of their security, your security also gets breached.