Now that Summer is here, we are starting to see a common Summer scam dealing with driveway repair.  This scam generally starts with the appearance of a paving contractor at your doorstep who informs you that he has been doing paving for other people in your town and has some asphalt left over which he says he can use to seal and pave your driveway at a reduced cost.  Upon being hired, the work is either never done and you are out your deposit or the work is done in a quick and shoddy manner.  Either way, you lose.


Never fall prey to high pressure sales tactics.  Take your time.  And never hire a contractor until you have checked his or her references and confirmed that he or she is registered with the state and properly bonded.  Without the proper insurance coverage, you could be at risk if someone is injured working on your driveway.  Also, in most states a permit specifically for your home is required by your local Department of Public Works before a contractor can do paving.

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