The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged the people behind World Patent Marketing with fraud alleging they misrepresented their services and cheated their customers out of millions of dollars of money paid to the company to promote their customers’ invention ideas. Making things worse, the FTC alleges that when customers attempted to complain or seek refunds, the company threatened them with baseless criminal charges.  The case is still pending, however, a federal judge has already shut down the company while the litigation is going on and froze the company’s assets.


While there are legitimate companies that may help you if you have an idea that you wish to patent, there are also many scammers who will take your money and give you little, if anything, in return.  Merely because you may hear an advertisement for such companies on the radio or see an advertisement on television or on the Internet does not mean that the company is legitimate.  As always, you should be particularly skeptical if the company promises you that your idea can be patented and that you will make a lot of money from the patent.

If you are looking for guidance regarding a patent, you are better off consulting with a patent lawyer who can evaluate your idea and let you know what you need to do.