The most effective scams are the simplest and most universal which is why this particular scam is so effective.  It involves attractive women who hang out at bars and restaurants and entice men into buying them expensive alcoholic beverages.  However, there is little, if any alcohol in the overpriced drinks and the bar or restaurant is splitting the profits gained on the sale of the drinks with the women.  In Los Angeles, where this scam often targets immigrants from Mexico or Central America, the women are called “ficheras”  The term comes from the word “Ficha” which is slang for a bottle cap.  According to Los Angeles police officer Justin Fuller, in some bars, the cost for a typical beer might be $5, but the drinks ordered by these women is often as high as $20 and contains little, if any alcohol.  Unsurprisingly, this scam is common throughout the world.


Hooking up at a bar can be tricky even without the threat of a scam, but anyone looking for love or a little companionship at a bar or restaurant should be on guard against people looking to take advantage of them.  Obviously the problem becomes magnified as the intended victim’s judgment becomes affected by his own intake of alcohol.