You would think that a student capable of hacking into his high school’s computer system in order to change his grades would be smart enough that he wouldn’t have to do that, however, according to authorities at the New Dorp High School in New York’s Staten Island that isn’t the case.  Sixteen year old high school student Eric Walstrom has been charged with forgery, computer trespass, unauthorized use of a computer, computer tampering and criminal possession of forgery devices in regard to his alleged hacking into the computer system at his high school in order to change his grades.  Walstrom is accused of having been able to crack the school’s password and evade the computer system’s security system in order to change his grades on his report card and transcripts.  He was caught when a school IT worker found the unauthorized logins to the school’s system.


Although the student accused of hacking in this case is not accused of stealing data or information from the school’s computers, this case shows how it does not take a great level of sophistication to crack the security at yet another institution storing sensitive personal information.  This, in turn, is a good example of why not only do all of the institutions holding personal information need to do a better job at data protection and security, but also that the security of all of us is only as good as the weakest institution that holds our personal information.