Qantas airline has issued  warning about a Facebook scam in which the banner advertisement featured below invites people to “like” it and then to share it with their friends in order to win a $1,500 travel voucher.  If you click on the page, you are directed to a phony Qantas Facebook page where you are asked to provide personal information.  People providing the information are in great danger of identity theft as the phony ad is just a phishing scam to get your personal information.

This is the fake Qantas Facebook account which is being investigated 


In the case of Qantas, it only runs its promotional campaigns from its own authenticated Facebook page or though the official Qantas website.  As I always warn you, never click on links unless you are absolutely sure that they are legitimate.  Merely because it appears on your Facebook page does not make it legitimate.  If you believe it may be a legitimate promotional offer, ignore the social media posting, email or text message that sends you a legitimate looking offer and go directly to the company’s own website and make sure that you type in the name of the company’s website correctly to avoid being directed to another phony website.