Scam of the day – February 28, 2013 – Miss Delaware Teen USA porn video scam

Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA has just resigned following reports that she appeared in a short porn video that apeared on the website  The woman in the video who, it is said, resembles King, mentions in the video that her birthday was in March and that she particpates in beauty pageants, both of which statements are true as to Melissa King.  If indeed the video is of King and she resigned as a result of it, it is a sad situation for a young woman who had been a foster child, and battled with depression and anxiety and successfully took positive steps to move on with her life.  As she indicated herself in a tweet, “Once you move on in life people shouldn’t try to use your past against you… Let them be happy.”  Hopefully she will be able to move beyond this successfully.  However, scammers are unlikely to let this opportunity evade them.  People will be receiving emails with purported links to the video and websites purporting to have the video will be springing up.  Unfortunately,  some of these links and some of these websites will be loaded with computer viruses and keystroke logging malware that can read all of the information on your computer and make you a victim of identity theft.


Scammers are aware that people surf the Internet for pornography and have loaded free pornography with viruses and keystroke logging malware.  Extreme care should be used if seeking pornography on the Internet.  Also, you should never click on a link in an email until you have confirmed that it is from someone you actually know and even then, you can’t be sure that their email was not hacked and an identity thief is sending out the email or that your real friend is unwittingly passing along a tainted link.  Make sure your Firewall and security software is up to date to help battle malware contained in links or on websites you may visit.  Certainly not all free pornography on the Internet is tainted with malware, but much of it is and you have to be extra careful when searching for such material.