Scam of the day – April 6, 2016 – Guccifer extradited to the United States

Guccifer, the alias of an infamous Romanian hacker whose real name is Marcel Lazar Lehel was extradited by Romanian authorities to the United States and had his first appearance last Friday before a federal judge to answer a nine count indictment related to his hacking of the emails of a number of celebrities and politicians.  In fact, it was Guccifer who first exposed the fact that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State was using a private email server for government purposes when he hacked into the email account of one of her advisers, Sidney Blumenthal and found that  Blumenthal sent Clinton detailed memos to the personal email address of rather than her government email address.  Among the other famous people whose email accounts he hacked were Steve Martin, Colin Powell, George W. Bush, John Dean, Mariel Hemingway, Lorne Michaels, Carl Bernstein, Rupert Everett, Eric Idle, Whoopi Goldberg and Julian Fellowes the writer of “Downton Abbey.”  Although  Guccifer hacked into the email accounts of many  entertainers and politicians, he did not exploit his hacking targets for financial gain even though the information he obtained would have allowed him to do so.  Rather his goals, more often, appeared to be to embarrass his victims and shake the world up a bit.  Through hacking of his victims’ email accounts he gained access to and made public the final episode of Downton Abbey, months before it was aired.  He also made public embarrassing information he obtained through his hacking efforts of politicians and celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic including allegations that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had an affair with a European Parliament member, Corina Cretu.

One technique Guccifer used was to get an email address of someone, such as he did with media icon, Tina Brown, who has an extensive email address book and harvest more email addresses there of the rich and famous.  He then used simple techniques to answer his victim’s security question and change the password to the account whereupon he was able to take over the account and have access to all of the information stored there.  Simple, publicly available information such as birth dates, schools attended and other such information provided the keys to answering the security questions of his victims.  He also apparently used lists of the name of pets to answer security questions as well.  And herein lies the lesson for us all.  Even if you are not a celebrity, there is so much information about us all that is publicly available.   Sometimes the information is even provided by us through our Facebook pages and other social media, making it is an easy task for a hacker to get at our email accounts and other password and security question protected accounts.


Protecting your email address is a difficult task.  The key to protecting your account from being hacked is to have strong security questions because it is often too easy for a hacker to guess the answer to common security questions and gain access to the password for your email account. The key to an unbreakable security question is to have an answer  that can never be guessed by a hacker.  So if your security question is “What is my favorite vegetable?” you should make the answer “fire truck” or some other totally illogical response.  Don’t worry about remembering it yourself because if the question and answer are as ridiculous as this, you will remember it.

Scam of the day – February 9, 2013 – Bush email hacked – What that means to you

A couple of days ago it was revealed that email accounts of six members of the friends and family of former President George H.W. Bush were hacked into and posted online.  In addition to the posted emails, photographs including one that shows former President Bush in his bed during his recent hospitalization, were also put up on line.  Among the Bush family friends whose email accounts were hacked was CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, who is a longtime friend and golf partner of the former president.  Although none of the emails stolen and posted publicly on the Internet are particularly embarrassing, the hacking again illustrates how vulnerable we all are to having our privacy invaded and the need for vigilance in protecting the security of our information.


Hacking into an email account can be quite easy because most people do not take sufficient precautions to protect their email accounts.  Obtaining an email address is a relatively easy thing to do.  Once a hacker has obtained the email address, the next step in the process is to go the account.  Of course, access will be denied because it is likely that the hacker does not know the password, however, here is the fatal flaw in the process.  By merely answering a security question, the hacker is then able to get access to the account or even change the password.  I don’t know if this was how the hacker of the Bush emails accomplished his hacking, but it was the way that the hacker of Sarah Palin’s email account was able to get access to her email account.  All he did was come up with the answer to “where did I meet my husband?”  A quick trip to Wikipedia provided the answer to that question – Wasilla High School.  You may feel confident and secure that the answer to your security question is not as readily available as that of a famous person, however, don’t be so sure.  Many people put out a lot of personal information on Facebook and other social media such that it may not be difficult for an enterprising hacker to obtain the answer to your security question.  My advice is to use an illogical and nonsensical answer to your security question, such as “What is my favorite color?” with the answer being “seven.”  It is just silly enough for you to remember it and it is highly unlikely that a hacker would be able to guess it.