Scam of the day – March 11, 2015 – Apple and Microsoft release FREAK security updates

I have been reporting to you for about a week about the serious FREAK vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers to enable them to decrypt what people believe are safe and secure encrypted communications done through their computers and other electronic devices.  This vulnerability potentially puts millions of people in a position where their communications carrying sensitive information such as credit card information, passwords, credit card information and more could be intercepted by an identity thief who could use this information to make them victims of identity theft.  This vulnerability is similar to last year’s Heartbleed in that it is not malware installed by hackers, but merely a flaw that has existed in much used security software that has been around for years, but only discovered a few weeks ago, but which can be exploited by knowledgeable hackers.

Fortunately, along with a number of other security updates, Apple has just released a security patch to remedy the FREAK problem for Apple products.

Here is a link to the security patches.  If you are an Apple user, I urge you to install these security updates right away.

Additionally, here is a link to the latest Microsoft security patches for multiple Microsoft programs including patches for FREAK vulnerability:

As always, when security updates and patches are issued, we will report them to you on Scamicide as they are released.  It is important to install the latest security updates for all of your software when they become available in order to protect your security and privacy on your computers and other electronic devices