7 thoughts on “Scam of the day – September 19, 2017 – Danger to Social Security benefits from Equifax data breach”

      1. I was trying to sign in to my account. I had forgotten my username so I retrieved it. Then a message said I would be locked out for 24 hrs. Why was this? Please help.

        1. Some people who have not accessed their My Social Security Account in a long time have been locked out due to the more recent dual factor authentication protocol. I can’t be sure why you were locked out, particularly if you weren’t given a reason for the 24 hour delay. I suggest you contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to have them resolve the problem. Please let me know what the reason was for your being locked out.

          1. It said they tried to authenticate my info but couldn’t. I have not tried to see my Social.Security Acct. In a long time. Why is this?

          2. The difficulty could be traced back to changes in authentication implemented by the Social Security Administration. Contact them by phone at the number I provided earlier in the day and they should be able to help you.

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