Scam of the day – Mary 25, 2017 – Latest security updates from the Department of Homeland Security

As was made abundantly clear by the recent massive ransomware attack that focused on a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system for which Microsoft had already issued a security update, constant updating of the software we all use with the latest security patches and updates is a critical part of avoiding scams and identity theft threats.  Whenever new security updates and patches are issued, we provide access to these so that you can update your software to provide better security on your computers, smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices.  Updating your software with the latest security patches and updates as soon as possible is important because identity thieves and scammers are always finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in the software that we all use.  Delay in updating your software could lead to disastrous results.  However, it is also important to be sure that you are downloading legitimate patches and updates rather than being tricked by an identity thief or scammer into downloading malware under the guise of downloading a security patch or update.  This has been a particular busy week for security updates.  These new updates from the Department of Homeland Security includes critical updates for Google Android systems and numerous Apple products.


Here is a  link to a list of all of the recent security updates as posted by the Department of Homeland Security:

3 thoughts on “Scam of the day – Mary 25, 2017 – Latest security updates from the Department of Homeland Security”

  1. Can you please address the comments made during a hearing on Russia’s interference in the US election regarding Kaspersky Internet Security.

    Every member of the government swore they had never used this software.

    It has been working flawlessly for us for years. Much better than Norton or Macafee which allowed a virus in and then never found it – Kaspersky found and eliminated the virus the day I installed it.

    Is it truly risky to use this software?

    1. Your question as to whether Kaspersky Lab products are too risky to use is hard to answer at this time. As you mentioned in your initial comment to me, you are aware that at recent Congressional hearings various members of the intelligence community expressed strong concerns that Kaspersky Lab may have cooperated with the Russian government in hacking of American government agencies, companies and individuals. Kasperky Lab which is a prominent and one of the world’s most respected cybersecurity companies has categorically denied the allegations, yet all of the intelligence community officials testifying before Congress said that they would not use Kaspersky Lab products. The investigation of Kaspersky Lab by American intelligence agencies continues and Kaspersky Lab has pledged to cooperate in any investigation. To date, no evidence has been made public by American intelligence agencies to support the concerns expressed by the intelligence community, but this does not necessarily mean that such evidence does not exist.

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