Scam of the day – February 14, 2017 – FTC issuing refunds to buyers of indoor tanning system

Today being Valentine’s Day is probably a good time to tell you that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is now mailing 2.59 million dollars of refunds to the purchasers of the Mercola indoor tanning systems, which was represented by Mercola to not only provide you with an attractive, healthy tan, but also be safe, not increase your risk of melanoma, and even reverse the appearance of aging.  The FTC sued Mercola over these false and misleading representations.

Unfortunately, the truth is that we need to adjust our thoughts on the attractiveness of a tan because there is no such thing as a healthy tan and no tanning system can avoid the risk of melanoma or reverse the appearance of aging.

In 2016, the FTC settled its complaints against Dr. Joseph Mercola and his indoor tanning system companies, D-Lite, SunSplash and Vitality.  Now the FTC is mailing refund checks to the customers of these companies who bought the indoor tanning systems after January 1, 2012.


Customers of Dr. Mercola who completed a claim form prior to October 31, 2016 will be receiving refund checks averaging about $1,897.  If you receive a check you should cash or deposit it within sixty days.  No fee is required to be paid in order to be eligible for or receive one of these refund checks.  For more information, click on the tab at the top of this page that reads “FTC Scam Refunds.”

2 thoughts on “Scam of the day – February 14, 2017 – FTC issuing refunds to buyers of indoor tanning system”

  1. As you know, alot of the FTC and CDC and AMA stuff is junk science and so is their recommendations about sun and tanning machine exposure. Moderation in all things. Lack of vit D (from sunlight and appropriate tanning light uva/uvb) and nitric oxide actually produces more overall cancer not less. Hmmmm, do you think the medical community would promote something that would dig into their income stream.
    Here’s an interesting article if you are up to reading it:
    I know it is by Mercola but in his tanning bed debacle he figures it was easier and cheaper to give in than to fight satan.

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