Scam of the day – December 7, 2015 – Star Wars scam

The much anticipated latest Star Wars movie will be opening on December 18th and fans will do just about anything to get tickets which is why scammers are taking advantage of this intense interest as they do with everything else that excites the public.  The scam advertisement reproduced below is making its way around the Internet through emails and social media.  It looks very official and promises that you can win free tickets merely by taking a survey.  It also offers an opportunity to click on a link and see the latest trailer for the movie.  Unfortunately, it is a scam and if you click on the links in scams such as this, the only thing that will happen is either that you will be prompted to provide information through a never ending survey that will be used to make you a victim of identity theft or, even worse, in some phishing emails when you click on the link, you end up downloading keystroke logging malware that will steal your personal information from your computer or smartphone and use it to make you a victim of identity theft.  As always, in phishing scams like this, you certainly won’t get the promised tickets.


As I have warned you many times, you can never be sure when you get an email or view a posting on social media as to who really sent you the email or posted it on social media.  The risk of clicking on links contaminated with viruses and malware is too great.  Surveys are often used as a lure by scammers to get people to provide personal information used to make you a victim of identity theft. You should always be wary of online surveys.  Tickets to Star Wars are not being offered merely for taking a survey.  That kind of offer is typical of many scams that make an offer too good to be true.  If you think that such an offer might actually be legitimate, you should confirm it with the real entity that the scammer pretends to be.  In this case, the movie is being distributed by Walt Disney Studios so if there really was such a contest or survey, you could find it on the Disney website.

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