Scam of the day – April 17, 2012 – New gift card scams

Gift cards have been a source of numerous scams with the most recent being a scam that comes in the form of a text message where the potential victim is told that they have won a free gift card as a result of a contest in which they were automatically enrolled when they made a recent purchase using their credit or debit card at a local retailer.  The problem is that in order to claim your gift card, you have to pay a $25 dollar processing fee.  Of course, the contest is a scam and anyone paying the money and providing personal information runs the risk of not only losing their $25, but also of becoming a victim of identity theft through the personal information they provide the scammer.


Chances are if you had enrolled in a contest, you would have remembered so when you are told that you have won a contest about which you have no memory of ever entering, it is a scam.  If you have any thoughts that you might have won a legitimate contest, contact the company allegedly putting on the contest to see if indeed it is legitimate.  It is also a good idea to check with your local attorney general to also check out whether it is a fraud.